We Dem Terrorists [Prod. by Matka]

by DdashRed

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Wrote this when I was 19 so there's a whole host of new countries to add to the list.


Ayo it's sickening, mind state of ignorance we're living in

a state, sovereigns control through belligerence

internal interest sold to a president,

shadow of the bully safest place for the pussydem.

I turned those pussies red shame, embarrassment

then led heads with the led to mark, my arrogance

I pencil body bag man when they start stammering

my stamina on track Mo Farah than my challengers

I dodge these managers, tryna profit where the talent is

and damage any man who try and stop me when the passion lit

understand I stand on this, stanzas stay immaculate
Afghanistan Iraq Iran explain them when I rap this shit

Western world try and export their values established,
in every country as their source of power
whilst we import their resource as ours
and if they disagree, we resort as cowards to

Bomb 'em back to the stone age wage war
or stage a coup overthrow they

Don't care if they're progressive or elected,
economic threats get duttied when detected divide and conquer,
create new borders, then we act surprised 'cos disorder

so we invade again just to save the day,
don't just take my word here's a list of names, you got;

Bosnia, Somalia,
Haiti Yugoslavia, Yemen bombed and Libya
Zaire, Liberia
Syria Colombia invaded Macedonia
put troops in Albania, destroyed Mesopotamia.

Covert ops in Pakistan,
Sudan Iran Afghanistan
in 9/11 America went and bombed their own land that's 17 countries that they chose to invade
as they start accusing other groups of terrorism.


released May 26, 2014
Inspired by Lowkey, produced mixed and mastered by Matka




DdashRed Sydney, Australia

'A release any artist would be proud of' HipHopSavedUs.com

'Quality stuff from an artist to watch' TalkingAllThatRap.com

'From start to finish this EP really impresses' TheHipHopMafia.com

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