Society's Problems

by DdashRed

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Angry 18 year old socialist ranting through the medium of hip hop with a heavy west coast style beat~~~~~~~~~~


Did you choose to drop bombs in Iraq
Did you choose to bomb Afghanistan
Do you ask to kiss America's ass
Can you choose what your kids learn in class?

I got this mile long stare black hair with a blank air
Billlin' up the dank there in my bat lair kicking damp snares
'Til my deathchair brings the despair of of my death fare
Fair's fair guess who don't care
Cross hair's on the calm air not the false care that they swear's there From their yacht chairs pumping hot air,
Got bare spare but they won't share
Just re-arrange their small change and call it welfare and whilst they Fare well we dwell under their spells,
Thinking money equals freedom but the money is your shell
Your career is as well, the debt is your cell
Cus the hardest man to liberate is one who jails himself
On adaily basis, running rat races, a misplaced faith in his state left him faceless
Mistakes made span across generations, and nations, who look to Corporations for salvation
Cos since ancient times, Empires have risen.
Their vision of excision motivation to keep us imprisoned;
Mentally, in the presence of thee we bend our knee
Pay tribute so that we can live free?
And so, every day is spent searching for the key to evolution, Resolution's execution of the revolution.

And this society's problems,
Forgotten swept under the rug hoping no-one'll clock 'em,

Un gros pur puis cette vue dure de ce monde s'échappe,
J'ai plus qu' un temps d'avance, le futur me manque déjà
Ouais le futur me manque déjà,
Enfermé par mes choix,
C'est ma culture de Mandela

In this world that we live in and the lives we are given
We are taught our position and the place that we fit it
But it's not our precision that previsioned our present condition,
Rich bloated sinners think up figures to enhance their living
And it's a given that, money's our religion
From which stems the sick, cynical system that we live in
Unforgiven once the people have risen, cease bidding their Permission their restrictions keep our third eyes hidden
Cos in this day and age, empires still rule
It's not the same on cos every empire falls and so
In that sense, new empires are similar but methods of control are far more sinister
Democracy's a principle administered by ministers
To trick us to believing that we're all equal contributors
That we all have a say and we all have a share
And if we all get to vote than surely everything's fair but NO

Did you choose to drop bombs in Iraq?
Did you choose to bomb Afghanistan?
Do you ask to kiss America's ass, can you choose what your kids learn in class?

D-Red, Matka

I'm the nemesis of colonial terrorists, a string theorist,
Herculean tongue flows as effortless as pegasus
Master the spartan sparring swordstyle
Whilst my bastard ass barters with the smartest false smile
See a cool front's good, caution's my wisdom
A hot front's theirs, that's anti-depression systems
I'll riddle them with bullet holes from Teflon coated syllables,
Cynically whimsical; principally the pinnacle
Principles preventing me from selling out to gain at all
My scope's on The Empire, liars and the cheats,
The politicians bankers and the bacon on my streets
See I don't preach hate speech; love is all we need
But aggressive foreign policies are keeping me from sleep
And so I stay up, brain remains bake-up
I'm reading Lao-Tzu playing Sonic on my Sega
And I'm mega driven by these Tegra visions
Of forbidden fruits found on expeditions to the truth, of our roots
Who knew,
It lay within you,
To be at peace, without the money we rue
See I don't claim to love it or put it above anything I can't stomach it to Those who own it your irrelevant that's NOT YOURS
That's debt in your pocket when you get your credit card
That's debt in your wallet
See they let you borrow money then they make money off it
Let you ache in your offices or bake in your orifice
Whilst stagnate politics keep eyes off the obvious;

And we're whipped like Kunta.


released May 18, 2014
Production by Matka Afterprod
Bridge written by Nelson Barros aka Jordan High
Recorded @ Loco Lux studios





DdashRed Sydney, Australia

'A release any artist would be proud of'

'Quality stuff from an artist to watch'

'From start to finish this EP really impresses'

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