Just Some Weed Bars​.​.​. [Prod. by Matka]

by DdashRed

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Title says it all! Wordplay & weed related content, light work~~~~


AK's rolled and blazed in a bait haze
47 days to take your brain out the grade maze-
ing how I'm phasing, to and from reality,
engrossed in the astral till I come in causing casualties-
ing on her areola, just for play,
it's 4.20 and fortunately I've have 4 babes
sittin on ma face smokin haze drinkin OJ
fuckin like it's porn body spasms like my balls taze
tasty, squeezin on her throat quite tightly,
doggy till she faint and she still try ride me
but it's double barrelled blunts, Siamese high lifey
and we da in-raws like a Chinese wifey
murder six teens so there's bars all around me
half a dozen dead adolescents when they found me
trippin in a corner chattin shiit and recording
gibberish about my sins sippin tysk smokin quarters
and extracting the enemies, effortless supremacy
entwined in my mind with the regular inequities,
fuck the leaf need the trees I'm inept you see,
fuck the steez need the P I'm in debt you see
pull my ace out poke her and get my stakes up,
she my early bird so she wake then we bake up
cookin up beats cheese is key for the Gs and I'm
rappin 6 teenths leave beats on their knees
never studied really wanna be a rapstar
do it big start a group like blackstar
big cribs nice cars get them stacks up
reality snap me back cut the crap like the rapture
fuck the 5-0 we grind smooth so keep laughin
we'll see who laughs last when my crew starts sparkin
up no gun, just Dutch love inna blunt.
No bluffs straight flushin out dumb fucks.


released April 23, 2014
Production, Mixing & Mastering done by Matka
Recorded @ Loco Lux Studios




DdashRed Sydney, Australia

'A release any artist would be proud of' HipHopSavedUs.com

'Quality stuff from an artist to watch' TalkingAllThatRap.com

'From start to finish this EP really impresses' TheHipHopMafia.com

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